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A sunroom or solarium is a beautiful addition to any home. At California Patios there are many different sunroom styles to choose from. If you don't see the exact style you're looking for... we'll create it for you! There is information about the various room designs, along with photos of each type below. If you have questions about any of the styles, or would like to get a free design consultation and estimate please call us at 530-673-8500, or 877-382-0858.

Studio Sun Room

If you want to add extra living space, but want it to look more like a "conventional" room the C- Thru Patio Room is a great solution! Patio rooms generally feature a solid roof and solid fillabove and below the windows. This cost of this structure type is considerably less than conventional construction. Whether you want to add home gym or entertainment center, a Patio Room is an affordable way to add a great new room to your house.

Gabled Room Designs

Gabled rooms are often referred to as garden rooms. because they integrate your garden with your home. Gabled rooms are bright and inviting due to their vaulted cathedral ceilings and glass transoms. Like the C-Thru sun rooms, Gabled Rooms are available with French doors - making them a stunning addition to your living space!

Enclosed Sun Room with Walls Under Existing Roof

This is an excellent way to turn an existing patio cover into a new room. You can turn wasted space into real living space with a C-Thru Wall System on your open patio. This wall system affords you the benefits of a sun room, and the savings of building under an existing structure.

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